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Here is the timetable of half-day release training, scroll down for the latest news:

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17th August 2018

Autumn Term Timetable 2018 now available

11th May 2018

Please make sure you are all still writing reflective log entries, sharing them and linking them to the curriculum. Educational and Clinical Supervisors need to ensure they have read uploaded log entries and are entering appropriate comments.

CSR’s need to be completed by the middle of May at the latest (this is only applicable for those in hospital posts),  with ESR’s being completed by the 30th May 2018. Please ensure you put the dates in the diaries as early as possible so there is no delay in getting these done.

Diary Dates:

11th July 2018 - final teaching session of the year

5th-6th July 2018 - residential at Cumberland Lodge

20th June 2018 - ARCP virtual panels

6th June 2018 - half term - no teaching

30th May 2018 - ESRs - please arrange with your Educational Supervisor

23rd May 2018 - Joint whole day teaching in the Lecture Theatre with Basildon trainees.

30 March 2013

New system for OOH training run by South Essex Health - see the Presentation - HERE

19 December 2012

About our electronic communications - HERE

20 March 2012

Site migrated to Google Sites

17 October 2009

Educational resources moved to our sister website for South Essex GP Training:


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